My last post pretty much implicated that G0ogle has to pick up its grades, otherwise it’ll lose it’s dominance as an internet powerhouse, beyond the search engine and email service. With that said, Google has absolutely busted out of the woodworks with a limited¬†beta (trial process for end users of a non-complete product) for a service titled google+.

Google plus doesn’t particularly resemble social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, but it does have its quirks.

The announced features of Google+ are photos, circles, hangouts, sparks. I think more will be announced and they will bundle this service with google docs, maps and gmail.

Photos is pretty much the addition of your photos and a unique way of sharing and storing them for a social or professional purpose.

Circles is more like Facebook in that you can add your family and friends into your ‘circles’

Hangouts is an IM, with the functionality of video chat or text only interaction. Also announced for Hangouts is a phone messenger service where many participants can interact in the same conversation. I predict it will be exclusive to Google’s Android devices

Sparks is a little ambiguous in it’s practicality, but it is a live feed that gives you ‘things’ that you ¬†have stated that you are interested in.


DO I think it will kill Facebook, no. Will it be used by 100s of Millions, yes.


To get a better perspective, check out this interactive tour