I love it when brands throw parties especially ones where you can get some sweet customisable stuff done to your denim.

Last week Levi’s held a party in Melbourne. There was a huge turnout with the guys from CallingAllCars playing and heaps of people smiling as they drunk from these cute as yellow mugs. As you’ll see from the pics the custom ‘Levi’s Tailor Shop’ was set up for everyones entertain with heaps of patches, studs and other random nicknacks.

Although it was a Wednesday night I’m sure there were many sore heads on the drive to work on Thursday. All the pics are below, including a great shot of this bald man (aka Mr Briscoe) hijacking the microphone for a solo #yolo

More over at Levi’s ANZ or @levis_anz

Pictures by ElizaPowerlett Photography | @elizapowerlettphotographer shot on behalf of LRJ.