Wednesday night saw the launch of Stolen magazines first edition at LBSS in Melbourne. We headed down to celebrate with them and was surprised to see one of our pics in it which we were stoked about! Because the magazine was dedicated to the beauty of film and not being able to ‘delete’ photos as rapidly as we do now, we decided that the only way to best capture the night was on film.

Check out all the pics below which sum the whole night up. They are RAW and IMPERFECT and capture the exact moment. No deleting here.

For more head to Stolen Publication.

Stolen is a beautifully printed hard cover book filled with imagery gathered from every corner of the earth, from like-minded talented people, who all believe in analogue. All content is original: film, hand drawings, paintings and handwriting.

There’s a place for delete buttons and editing programs, and it’s certainly not here. We prefer the unfinished, the unplanned, and the unposed, the handmade or hand drawn. In fact we get off on imperfection. We hope you do, too.