Read this great excerpt from the TheMarketingNutz:

This morning my son was telling me about his plans to be an ortohodontist, worship Pastor and an “agency guy” with his parents. As his eyes lit up and his excitement filled the room, I couldn’t help but be excited with him. His vigor was addictive and it made me want to draw close, listen and feel what he was feeling.

It reminded me how as business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, CEOs, CIOs, volunteers, moms, dads, and people we lose our “ummmph!” We let life get us down. We let mean bullies poke holes in our dreams. We let doubt of self stop us in our tracks or distract us from the goals.

We must learn from our youth. They have the confidence as nobody has told them they can’t succeed or be anything they want to be. How are they different than us? How are they any better? Why should my son be able to achieve being an orthodontist, worship Pastor or “agency guy” any more than you or the guy next door that has the same dreams? The truth is he shouldn’t!

The difference is that kids believe in themselves. Many of them have not been pushed down by the bullies or the hard knocks of life quite yet.

It’s time you do the same. Put back on your “kid confidence.” Put on your game face, get on the field and play the game like you haven’t done in years. Play the game to win and win big!

Remember when you started your business? Remember the excitement you could feel in your bones? The chills you got as you saw your logo for the first time? The feeling you had when you closed the first deal? The belief you had in reaching your dreams?

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