Where do I begin… The new Oakley Frogskin Summit Collection has dropped and man these are looking pretty fresh. I have been a fan of Oakley for a while now and first discovered the Frogskin range about 3 years ago. Since then my collection has grown (and to be honest I probably don’t need them all but I thoroughly enjoy wearing each pair.) I thought I”d share with you my full range even though the Summit range is what we will be talking about.

Anyways my thoughts on the new Summit Frogskin collection are as follows:

– Colours are strong and bold, good variety. The range includes Pikes Gold, Mesa Orange, Artesian Blue, Aspen Green, Basin Red (see below)
The Mesa Orange are probably my favourites.

– The Fire Iridium Lenses are a big win! (Shown front and center above)

– The weight of the Summit sunnies has changed considerably,  the Summit series are much much lighter in weight compared to a lot of the other Frogskins I have in the collection. I don’t know why, Oakley may be trying some new things there…but you can definitely tell the difference. I will do my best to find out.

– The best thing about the Frogskin Range though I believe is the detachable arms. There have been many a time that a friend has sat on my Frogs and the arms have snapped off and they thought the worst, but its as simple as clipping them back on. Brilliant design!

– They aren’t that expensive!! Win for everyone especially with Christmas here.

– I’m a massive believer in the Frog range, they are the perfect all around get up. I must admit at first the solid colour frames of the Summit Series weren’t my thing but I’ve slowly warmed to them.  If your still looking for a XMAS present for your brother, sister, boyfriend or any family member really, this is the perfect gift. Hell, I even got my 82 year old grandpa wearing a pair of the Clear Frames w/ Purple Iridium Lenses last year, you should see him and the ladies down at the bowling club.



The classic cool of a vintage eyewear design takes style off-road with the colors of wind-blasted and sun-bleached 4WDs, the rigs that wheel attitude to high altitude. Our very first dual-lens shades, Frogskins offer all the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics®, along with the comfort of lightweight and stress-resistant O Matter™ frame material.

With hues named for areas and features in the Rocky Mountains, the five available designs have a matte finish and Oakley logos from yesteryear to honor the origins of style and originality.

For more visit Oakley Aus or check out there Oakley Australia Facebook Page.