On Thursday 29th August, Canadian Club took us back in time to the 1920’s to launch two new RTDs to its portfolio. You could have mistaken yourself for being on the set of Boardwalk Empire with braces, flapper dresses and personalised hip flasks!

The new Canadian Club Premium RTD features a stronger, bolder taste at a higher ABV of 6%  that encapsulates the role Canadian Club played in the 1920s and 1930s in the USA, captured by the slogan “The taste that broke prohibition”. It was joined by Canadian Club Summer Crisp, which was developed to satisfy Australia’s thirst for a lighter and less sweet beverage (4.2% ABV). A refreshing alternative to summer style beers or cider. Sure to be the first drink off the beach this summer!

Amazing styling and set up of the night by Big Dog Creative.

More at Canadian Club’s Facebook Page. All the pics below.